How to Get Low Hanging Balls


Hanging balls are something that most people know nothing about. They are either women that don’t think about things like that or men that think their balls hang enough as it is. They don’t understand what it is like to look down and see that their balls aren’t hanging low enough to make them feel like a real man. That is the feeling I get every time I look down these days. I just want to feel like I am a real man and not having my balls hanging is the only thing that stops that feeling from coming to me.

I have heard that you can use a ball stretcher to get hanging balls, but I don’t know if I could do something like that just yet. I am not the best guy to be messing around with mechanical based objects and would probably find the one way of doing irreparable harm to myself somehow. Even putting on a back brace for work once made me pass out because I had it too tight. I could just imagine what would happen if I had a ball stretcher on too tight for too long.

I know there are a lot of guys that use ball stretchers to get their hanging balls perfect, but I feel that I shouldn’t try that.  Maybe I could read up on how these stretchers work and maybe I could feel comfortable enough to try one out someday. It would be great if it did work and stretched my balls enough to make me feel good about myself again. Having that kind of confidence put in front of me is almost enough to make me change my mind about them as it is. I will look around and see what I can find out and see if this is something that I might actually be able to do for myself. I know I would like for it to work out.



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