Wishing for Low Hanging Balls


I have always wanted to have low hanging balls, but it just never happened for me. There is something so manly about having balls that hang down but mine always seemed to be tucked up nice and tight. Even the women that I have been with in the past made comments about how my balls were. They never understood that I wanted to have them hanging down, but didn’t know how to get them like that. At least back then I didn’t know what to do. Now I know that I can use a ball stretching device that will enable them to hang freely like other guys.

These balls stretching devices are a lot like a cock stretching device, but they enable you to have hanging balls instead of a longer cock. It’s a bit uncomfortable to use one at first, but you will get used to it fairly quickly. I thought I was going to get sick the first time I tried my ball stretcher out, but it turned out that I had it pulling too tightly. Once I loosened it a little I was able to go about my daily routine and not even think about it being on anymore.

Since I have started wearing my ball stretcher, I have noticed my hanging balls a little more each day. It has only been a couple of weeks, but I can already tell a slight difference in them. Hopefully, I will have nice swimming testicles before too long and I won’t feel embarrassed showing them off. Of course I don’t know how long I want them to hang down, but I am sure that once they get to acceptable length, I will know when to stop. It really is amazing how much more confidence I have gotten from using this stretcher as well. That was something I wasn’t expecting to have happen to me at all. It was just an added bonus.


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