Hanging Balls and fun showing them off!


I am a gay man and I love playing with hanging balls but it is not just a gay thing by a long shot. Many of my straight girl friends love playing with hanging balls more than playing with the shaft! Let’s face it they are fun to play with. Sometimes I make my boyfriend wear a male chastity cock cage which hides the shaft but keeps the balls exposed. I can tease and play with his balls until he is ready to explode. I have friends who are into ball stretching and many guys enjoy it as a fetish. I love natural hanging balls but I have seen some very erotic extreme hangers that have been stretched beyond belief using weights and/or spandex ball stretchers. There is an additional fetish called pumping which is the most extreme form of hanging balls. Men actually vacuum pump their balls making them huge some even inject solution to make the balls the size of a softball. I find that all interesting and even erotic but my preference is a normal set of balls that have been stretched to hand low. I have had fun with other men who are into ball pumping and on occasion I have let them vacuum pump by balls just because it feels so good. I start dripping pre-cum instantaneously and the sex we have after the pumping session is always hot though if my balls are the ones being pumped I like waiting a couple days to use them for sex. Needless to say that leaves anal sex as the sex of choice. It’s strange but after having your balls pumped your anus is much more relaxed and receptive. I can generally take a larger cock after pumping.


No models today just me wearing a Koalaswim cock display with my hanging balls being squeezed tightly.

IMG_0556 IMG_0620

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