Cage Cock

Cage Cock I love wearing my cage cock device every day. There is something that is overly satisfying about being able to walk around town all day long and know that I am locked up nice and tight. Of course, it does get a bit awkward when I walk into a club and start seeing […]

Hanging Balls and male chastity

Hanging Balls and male chastity Hanging balls and wearing a male chastity cock cage literally go hand in hand. I have been wearing a male chastity cage for years, I actually have a collection of over a dozen cages. Since the shaft is always hidden away and in many of the designs compressed down to […]

Even Old Men Can Wear Men’s Tights

  Wearing men’s tights has been one of those things that I never really thought I would be doing at this time in my life. I could imagine wearing something like this when I was in my twenties or something but now that I am almost 50 I find it rather odd to want to […]

Hanging Balls and fun showing them off!

  I am a gay man and I love playing with hanging balls but it is not just a gay thing by a long shot. Many of my straight girl friends love playing with hanging balls more than playing with the shaft! Let’s face it they are fun to play with. Sometimes I make my […]

Hanging Balls look great!

  I have never seen a pair of hanging balls I have not wanted to lick and fondle. Many men and women share this fascination with hanging balls. They are so much fun to touch, taste , suck on them and play with. I love the variety of balls sizes, different shapes and different size […]

How to Get Low Hanging Balls

  Hanging balls are something that most people know nothing about. They are either women that don’t think about things like that or men that think their balls hang enough as it is. They don’t understand what it is like to look down and see that their balls aren’t hanging low enough to make them […]

Wishing for Low Hanging Balls

  I have always wanted to have low hanging balls, but it just never happened for me. There is something so manly about having balls that hang down but mine always seemed to be tucked up nice and tight. Even the women that I have been with in the past made comments about how my […]