Cage Cock

Cage Cock

I love wearing my cage cock device every day. There is something that is overly satisfying about being able to walk around town all day long and know that I am locked up nice and tight. Of course, it does get a bit awkward when I walk into a club and start seeing all those hot looking girls wearing very little clothing. After a few minutes, I will usually have to go into the bathroom and adjust myself so that I do not look like there is something wrong with me while I am standing there staring at them. It really does amaze me that there are things like this available to guys like me these days. I would have thought that something of this nature would have died out long ago, but it seems to be coming back with force and I, for one am perfectly fine with that. I think more guys should be willing to dive into the world of wearing a cage cock device simply because it makes those moments when you take them off all the more special.

Hanging Balls and male chastity

Hanging Balls and male chastity

Hanging balls and wearing a male chastity cock cage literally go hand in hand. I have been wearing a male chastity cage for years, I actually have a collection of over a dozen cages. Since the shaft is always hidden away and in many of the designs compressed down to almost nothing it is all about the hanging balls. When you wear a cock cage you are denied any sexual pleasure until released from your master, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend… you get the meaning but the entire time you are wearing one you are in fact showing off your hanging balls. Sometimes those balls are blue from not being used but they are right there in your face not having to share attention with the shaft, after all when wearing a cage you might as well be shaft less. Male chastity gives your hanging balls their time to shine after all when you can’t touch the shaft for sex there are always the pleasure of ball play and maybe even some ball torture. Most men that practice male chastity by choice or be edict are not allowed to have sex of any kind in fact many men are forced to wear chastity ass locks which keeps them from engaging in anal sex. With your hanging balls exposed and nothing else to pleasure one can learn all sorts of interesting ways to stimulate them. I can tell you from year of personal experience of wearing a male chastity cock cage that your hanging balls will become your best friends!

Hanging Balls are delicious

Hanging Balls are delicious

I wish they offered men’s swimwear designs that would be created to show off hanging balls. Like breasts, hanging balls are beautiful and should be displayed. How amazing would it be to see hanging balls on the beach just like you see women’s breasts that are just barely covered by the smallest amounts of fabric. I know many men and women who would love to see that. Balls are beautiful and should not be kept hidden away. There are few beaches in the USA that you are free to show off your hanging balls but that said there are swimsuits that are designed by companies like Koalaswim in Los Angeles that have been created to legally show off the penis in all its glory including the balls. I love wearing  these hot designs and the freedom is awesome.

Even Old Men Can Wear Men’s Tights


Wearing men’s tights has been one of those things that I never really thought I would be doing at this time in my life. I could imagine wearing something like this when I was in my twenties or something but now that I am almost 50 I find it rather odd to want to wear items of this nature. Most people see me as the grandfatherly type of guy and walking out in some tights would probably freak a lot of people out. Not that I would mind freaking people out as that is one of the last bastions of entertainment I have these days.


(nothing hooter than showing a nice set of hanging balls in a skin tight pair of spandex workout tights.)

I got interested in wearing men’s tights while on vacation a couple of years ago and saw some men walking down the beach in them. I figured they were heading to a gym or something and were just taking the scenic route before their workout but I was wrong. They went down just a little bit from me and sat in the sand to enjoy the day. I couldn’t wrap my head around why they were wearing pants like that out on the beach as they weren’t able to get a tan or anything and it bothered me so much that I finally had to ask them about it.

It turns out that men’s tights were the perfect solution for anyone that wanted to go out to the beach but didn’t want to deal with getting too much sun during the day. You could go out in the water with them on and they dried out rather quickly so you didn’t have to change clothes in order to get back in your car and go home. I was amazed at the versatility of these tights and new instantly that I was going to be wearing them myself rather soon. Now I am and old fart walking down the beach in my own tights and laughing inwardly at all the people staring at me just like I did with those guys while I was on vacation.

Hottest men’s sport tights you have ever seen, extremely sexy!

The crazy boys at Koalaswim have just added the most amazing compression sport tights for men on their site. These are tights with a Koala flare which means they are sexy as hell. Fashion tights you can wear for working out in or a night on the town, any way you go you are going to attract a lot of attention. These tights look like they are painted on your body. There is a line of pouch centric tights which not only show off your ass and legs but they make your bulge the central visual effect of the designs. Available in spandex including wet look spandex and matt finished supplex fabrics these creations are designed and manufactured in the USA and the craftsmanship is nothing short of stunning. These are the most beautiful men’s tights I have ever seen. To top things off they are offering male to female transformation tights which will blow your mind. They bring new meaning to the idea of exploring your feminine side.


Hanging Balls and fun showing them off!


I am a gay man and I love playing with hanging balls but it is not just a gay thing by a long shot. Many of my straight girl friends love playing with hanging balls more than playing with the shaft! Let’s face it they are fun to play with. Sometimes I make my boyfriend wear a male chastity cock cage which hides the shaft but keeps the balls exposed. I can tease and play with his balls until he is ready to explode. I have friends who are into ball stretching and many guys enjoy it as a fetish. I love natural hanging balls but I have seen some very erotic extreme hangers that have been stretched beyond belief using weights and/or spandex ball stretchers. There is an additional fetish called pumping which is the most extreme form of hanging balls. Men actually vacuum pump their balls making them huge some even inject solution to make the balls the size of a softball. I find that all interesting and even erotic but my preference is a normal set of balls that have been stretched to hand low. I have had fun with other men who are into ball pumping and on occasion I have let them vacuum pump by balls just because it feels so good. I start dripping pre-cum instantaneously and the sex we have after the pumping session is always hot though if my balls are the ones being pumped I like waiting a couple days to use them for sex. Needless to say that leaves anal sex as the sex of choice. It’s strange but after having your balls pumped your anus is much more relaxed and receptive. I can generally take a larger cock after pumping.


No models today just me wearing a Koalaswim cock display with my hanging balls being squeezed tightly.

IMG_0556 IMG_0620

Hanging Balls look great!


I have never seen a pair of hanging balls I have not wanted to lick and fondle. Many men and women share this fascination with hanging balls. They are so much fun to touch, taste , suck on them and play with. I love the variety of balls sizes, different shapes and different size sacks. I like them hairy or completely shaved, actually completely shaved is my favorite. The can be small or large, hanging low of just starting to hang I find them all fascinating and needless to say they get me hard. I have a number of boyfriends whom all love like just about all men having their balls played with. Some of them I will force to wear male chastity cages and get them so worked up they can barely contain themselves.


Hanging balls

How to Get Low Hanging Balls


Hanging balls are something that most people know nothing about. They are either women that don’t think about things like that or men that think their balls hang enough as it is. They don’t understand what it is like to look down and see that their balls aren’t hanging low enough to make them feel like a real man. That is the feeling I get every time I look down these days. I just want to feel like I am a real man and not having my balls hanging is the only thing that stops that feeling from coming to me.

I have heard that you can use a ball stretcher to get hanging balls, but I don’t know if I could do something like that just yet. I am not the best guy to be messing around with mechanical based objects and would probably find the one way of doing irreparable harm to myself somehow. Even putting on a back brace for work once made me pass out because I had it too tight. I could just imagine what would happen if I had a ball stretcher on too tight for too long.

I know there are a lot of guys that use ball stretchers to get their hanging balls perfect, but I feel that I shouldn’t try that.  Maybe I could read up on how these stretchers work and maybe I could feel comfortable enough to try one out someday. It would be great if it did work and stretched my balls enough to make me feel good about myself again. Having that kind of confidence put in front of me is almost enough to make me change my mind about them as it is. I will look around and see what I can find out and see if this is something that I might actually be able to do for myself. I know I would like for it to work out.



The Hanging Balls Dream


Having hanging balls is one of those things that a lot of guys don’t have to be curious about. Almost all of my friends have them and they never really bring it up for any reason. I will stand there in the locker room of the gym and see their balls hanging freely and feel like I am missing out on something. Mine are so tight and packed up against me that I feel like I am not really a man or something. It truly is a strange sensation to realize that you are completely different from the majority of men in the world.

I know that by not having hanging balls, I am not any less of a man. However, you just accept the fact that if your balls are hanging freely, then you are manly. It is probably a mental issue that I have to deal with or something, but I want my balls to hang like everyone else’s. So I started looking around online to see if there was anything that I could do to help. That is when I came across a site that sells ball stretchers to guys that want that manly look.

At first, I didn’t realize that ball stretchers could give you hanging balls. For some reason, I equated them to cock stretchers and wondered why anyone would want to stretch their actual testicles. Once I started doing some research on them, however, I realized that they stretch the scrotum and pull the testicles down at the same time. This meant that I could have those balls I have always wanted and there was nothing stopping me from getting a stretcher. I have been using my stretcher for a couple of months and I am proud to say that I have noticed my balls hanging a bit lower. I am on the road to having the balls I have always wanted and it is all thanks to the ball stretcher I found online. If you’re like me, you may want to try one of those, too.



Wishing for Low Hanging Balls


I have always wanted to have low hanging balls, but it just never happened for me. There is something so manly about having balls that hang down but mine always seemed to be tucked up nice and tight. Even the women that I have been with in the past made comments about how my balls were. They never understood that I wanted to have them hanging down, but didn’t know how to get them like that. At least back then I didn’t know what to do. Now I know that I can use a ball stretching device that will enable them to hang freely like other guys.

These balls stretching devices are a lot like a cock stretching device, but they enable you to have hanging balls instead of a longer cock. It’s a bit uncomfortable to use one at first, but you will get used to it fairly quickly. I thought I was going to get sick the first time I tried my ball stretcher out, but it turned out that I had it pulling too tightly. Once I loosened it a little I was able to go about my daily routine and not even think about it being on anymore.

Since I have started wearing my ball stretcher, I have noticed my hanging balls a little more each day. It has only been a couple of weeks, but I can already tell a slight difference in them. Hopefully, I will have nice swimming testicles before too long and I won’t feel embarrassed showing them off. Of course I don’t know how long I want them to hang down, but I am sure that once they get to acceptable length, I will know when to stop. It really is amazing how much more confidence I have gotten from using this stretcher as well. That was something I wasn’t expecting to have happen to me at all. It was just an added bonus.


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